The heater does not power on
  • Check the gas supply is normal.
  • Check the piezoelectric button presents no damages:
      - Observe through the sight glass whether the spark is normally produced.
      - Check the status of the spark plug ceramic. It must not bear fractures.
      - Check the cable is not damaged or disconnected at none of both ends.
  • Upon any irregularity, contact a certified gasman.
The heater produces yellow flame
  • The yellow flame is produced due to the incorrect regulation of the air register.
To solve this problem, contact a certified gasman.
The heater flame is detached or "flies away" from the burner
  • In the case of TBU equipments, check the air intake hat is correctly installed with wind interceptor device and gas output in the draft.
  • Check the draft is properly installed.
The pilot puts out
  • Check one of the pilot flames is constantly heating the thermocouple and it is not detached or "flown away" by action of the wind. If so, check the draft is properly installed.
  • Check the correct operation of the thermocouple. This operation must be performed by a certified gasman, who will replace it if necessary.
  • Verify the pilot is not blocked by fuzz, cobwebs, etc.
What type of maintenance do our heaters require?
  • They must be annually inspected to verify the correct operation of all safety devices.
  • To achieve optimum performance, the burner and injectors must be kept free from any dirt that may have entered the system.
  • Always remember to contact a certified gasman for any inspection required.
The heater does not heat enough
  • Check the heater is fit for the environment dimensions [volume to heat in m3]. You can see the technical specifications on pages 5, 6 and 7 of the manual included with the equipment or here.
  • Verify the type of gas supplied is adequate for the heater installed and that pressure is adequate.
CTZ heaters can be installed by anyone?
  • No. They must be installed by certified gasmen. In addition, the certified gasman must follow the indications in the manual and perform the installation using the installation template supplied.